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Rails Admin with has_many association

Jahnavi asked in Rails

Hi all,

We are using rails_admin for manging our data on admin side.

We are facing an issue with has_many association ,** its executing the query to fetch the details and along with it also executing one more query to get total count from that table.
i.e. see below queries.
SELECT * FROM table_nameWHERE condition
SELECT COUNT() FROM table_nameWHERE condition*

Here;s sample model.

has_many :users, :foreign_key => :user_id, :primary_key => :id

rails_admin do
edit do
field :users do
label "Linked Users"
inline_add false

Can you please help me how can we avoid execution of second query.

Thanks in advance


FYI - I found rails admin to have a large memory leak. Recommend removing it.

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