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Rails 5.2 ActiveSupport CurrentAttributes & Basecamp 3 Account ID URL Scheme Discussion

General • Asked by Chris Oliver

How do you end up testing this with Minitest?
All controllers actions fail because env["REQUEST_PATH"] is nil

NoMethodError: undefined method split' for nil:NilClass

Yeah, I'm wondering about this too.

Obviously there's a follow up episode which explains how to incorporate the middleware into System Tests, but there's presumably also a way have Integration Tests while using the account middleware.

Any idea how to handle that?
I have the same issue with RSpec :(

Hi Chris,

This is great, but just wondering how I might be able to use an account_name rather than the account_id?

So would like the URL to look like:
So I managed to get it mostly working using:

class AccountMiddleware
    def initialize(app)
        @app = app

    def call(env)
        _, username, request_path = env["REQUEST_PATH"].split('/', 3)

        if username
            Current.user = User.where(username: username)

            env["SCRIPT_NAME"]  = "/#{username}"
            env["PATH_INFO"]    = "/#{request_path}"
            env["REQUEST_PATH"] = "/#{request_path}"
            env["REQUEST_URI"]  = "/#{request_path}"

        status, headers, body =
        [status, headers, body]
The problem here, of course, is that I have a problem with URLs such as 'users/sign_up/' where Rails thinks username is 'sign_up'

You will need to whitelist some routes (sign_up...) based on 
with a regular expression and skip middleware for those paths. (similar to what Chris did with ensuring account_id is a number)

What's the difference with this approach using middleware, and simply taking accounts out of the path in routes?

resources :accounts, path: '', except: [:index] do
  resources: projects

(newbie question)

So how would you set the account_id in the URL when a user logs in? surely its not as simple as just setting Current.account = user.account_id ?

You could do that initially. Although if you want to prevent users from hijacking the URL, you'll also need to protect your controllers by ensuring that the URL account_id always matches the current_user account ID. For example:

redirect_to root_path(script_name: "") unless current_user.account == Current.account

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