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Push changes to Node packages to Heroku

Dan Donche asked in Rails

Okay, full disclosure, I upgraded to Rails 6 without fully understanding the consequences of using Actiontext and Webpacker. It's all new to me. So in my folly, I changed some of the Trix css directly in the Node packages directory instead of making them in the actiontext.css file that lives in the asset pipeline.

I encountered some issues after I started putting my css into the actiontext.css file, so (probably like an idiot) I just pulled all the css from the Trix folder (leaving it empty) and put it into the actiontext one. It mostly worked okay for a week or so.

I don't know what happened to my app, but now I cannot see the Trix editor when I go to edit any model that uses actiontext.

I am wondering how I can reset to original Trix files and push the node packages to Heroku. I feel as though these were only pushed the first time I installed Yarn and Node on Heroku. I'm not fully understanding this process. Any help would be appreciated.


Figured out the problem. I feel stupid now. I had accidentally removed
<%= javascript_pack_tag 'application' %>
from my application.html.erb file.

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