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Pundit scopes

General • Asked by Dmitry Amelchenko

Hi, i have no idea how to choose best way. There are three models User, Department and Task. Each user assigned to one department (belongs to). Department has many tasks. How to write a policy or something to do without using Pundit, when user can see only tasks from assigned department?


Without Pundit, you can scope your queries in the controller with @tasks = current_user.department.tasks so that it always accesses them through the User.

With Pundit, you can setup a scope to reference the Department on the user:

class TaskPolicy < ApplicationPolicy
  class Scope < TaskPolicy
    attr_reader :user, :scope

    def initialize(user, scope)
      @user = user
      @scope = scope

    def resolve
      @scope.where(department_id: @user.department_id)

And use this by saying @tasks = policy_scope(Task)

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