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Protecting from XSS with Sanitize Discussion

Thanks Chris! I'm building an app and just realized I'm not sanitizing user generated urls. Thanks for the helpful tips.


It's an easy one to overlook so I'm glad I could help! :)


Thank you Chris!


Hi Chris. Maybe you make video about Vim. How to setting MacVim for Rails


Try this episode, I talk about my Vim setup here:


@excid3:disqus , just wanted to let you know there's a typo on the episode index page: "Cross Site Scriptiong" (extra "o"). Really enjoying your work, especially your recent episodes on Shrine file uploads with S3 as that's a feature I'm adding to an app right now!


Thanks man! Fixed that and glad you're enjoying the Shrine episodes. :D


Why isn't the alert displayed? 44 seconds from the start. How come there is no alert "hello"??? Many thanks.

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