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Order by score using Pagy pagination?

Tom Dringer asked in Rails

Hi everyone. I am currently trying to order some ActiveRecord records by score. In my controller i have:

def index
    @pagy, @drivers = pagy(
            '(drivers.no_races + drivers.no_poles + drivers.no_podiums + drivers.no_wins) AS score'
        ).reorder('drivers.score DESC'),
        page: params[:page],
        items: 16

I am using Pagy for the pagination. As the code shows, I do a query to select all drivers and then add together 3 columns in the table as 'score'. I then want to order by score going from high to low and show 16 records per page.
When the page loads it seems to order by driver id. I can't see anywhere else that i have an order by, but i did add reorder to override anything else.
Anyway for whatever reason i'm stuck with the wrong ordering. Any direction is appreciated :-)

Mockup -


do you have some default_scope in Driver?


I've just checked and i don't have default scope anywhere


@joshBrody - just check default scope is only going to be in the model or the controller i guess?

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