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Newsletter Sign Up Form with country_select Discussion

Well I for one appreciated this :)

Routine Tracker Routine Tracker

Loved the concrete implementation of a feature, but I certainly wouldn't be opposed to some in-depth Javascript (or even CoffeeScript).


Definitely plan on doing more Javascript / CoffeeScript soon.

Kohl Kohlbrenner Kohl Kohlbrenner

@Chris It might be a bit ambitious, but what are your thoughts on making a screencast deconstructing a rails app(just using plain ruby)? I completed a PHP project last month without the use of a framework for the first time ever and it really opened my eyes to how the MVC construct works. It helped me understand the relationship between the pages, how variables are sent from controller to view, and I was able to identify more clearly, "okay this page is a view, this is a controller, etc". just a suggestion!


Yes!! I'm definitely planning on doing a "Rails-from-scratch" series so you can see exactly how all this comes together from just regular old Ruby. Really looking forward to it but need to get it all mapped out beforehand.


yeah it would be very helpful


Great video. Thanks for sharing. This has been something that I was curious about for a while. Personally, I had one of those "duh" moments where a couple of Rails concepts that I was struggling with came together (even though they weren't directly targeted in this video). Thanks for the help!

Manuel Quintanilla Manuel Quintanilla

setting up mandrill with something like this? trying to get an email sent everytime someone submits their name and email information


Very useful, I learned a lot from this video. Thank you :D

Anthony Candaele Anthony Candaele

great video, thanks! What happens though with the form data that was submitted? Is it displayed in a view, or is it send to an email address?

I'm asking this because a client as me to implement a sign-up button for a newletter on his Rails application.

This video looks great to get me started implementing this sign-up form. But I'm not sure on how to process the submitted data.
Any advice is welcome,




In this case, the information is just saved to the database so you could do what you want with it.


Hi Chris, it's really useful video, thanks a lot
I want to ask on how to generate PDF for this submitted newsletter form?
I have a client asking me to enable a feature that after visitors clicked the submit button, visitors can receive PDF from the form they filled in.

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