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Nested forms with rows like a table

John Munyi asked in General

Hi Chris,

I am battling nested forms , but not your standard .. what I want is a situation where the form behaves like a table where each new row will represent the object from the partial(nested-fields) and if possible populate some data and then i can mass update the other fields.... picture a class register when you can mass update present or absent .....

As a form it works but i dont want to replicate the labels any leads?



Sounds like a fun little form. :)

So you have a working form but wan to make it look like a table? Is that correct?


Yes I have a working nested form.

So I want it to look like a table with heading and also pre load some fields with data


You could either do this with CSS or you can probably just wrap the form around a table and put the fields inside the cells like this:


Will check-it out and let you know how it goes


Hi Chris the table worked brilliantly.. but i am still struggling with automatically populating the nested form with related record.. is it even possible in the first place ? such that if one selects a team drop down and click add attendance a specific number of rows are added with the team members names of the persons in that team and all is left is to check absent or present

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