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My html.erb view is not being loaded with style, after ajax submission.

Doctuh asked in Rails


I have created a partial that gets rendered on my index page, via AJAX. This works flawless. However when I access the route, that i also want the rendered partial to show up on, it renders with no styling, as plain HTML. I have made a video that shows it pretty well. Pay notice when I access my route /accounts/euw. This is where it renders it as plain HTML, which I dont wan't, I want it to be rendered like the AJAX, with all style in-tact. What am I doing wrong??

My controller:
def euw
@euw_products = Server.find(1).products
respond_to do |format|
format.js { render partial: 'accounts/euw_result' }
format.html { render partial: 'accounts/euw'}

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