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Metaprogramming Virtual Attributes Discussion

Nice intro into metaprogramming and how concerns can be used.
I'm one of the fresh subscribers and have noticed one thing: no need to quit rails console to clear the console output. To save couple of seconds you can just press cmd + K in terminal (also from rails console) and you're good to continue.


Sweet! I figured there might be something to do that. I only ever clear the terminal in screencasts so I always forget to look that up. :)


One suggestion. Post references about related screencasts, gems etc in description please)


I have a model called Customer which belongs to a User. I am trying to implement a way for the Customer to have access to the attributes directly ( e.g.: Customer.first_name instead of having to write Customer.user.first_name ).
This is what I have so far:


after_initialize :set_user_properties,  if: { |c| c.user.present? }

def  set_user_properties
    # binding.pry
    c_columns = { |c| {  => c.type } }
    u_columns = { |c| {  => c.type } }.reject { |column| c_columns.include?(column) }.reduce,  :merge

    u_columns.each  do  |key, value|
        attribute key, value,  default:  self.user.try(key)
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