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Markdown and Emoji with the html-pipeline gem Discussion

General • Asked by Chris Oliver

Awesome episode! I've used but html-pipeline looks like a great alternative. Loving the emojis !!

The SyntaxHighlightFilter depends upon github-linguist that depends upon pygments.rb so behind the scenes you'll be using the same tools. :)

Ah!! Very cool. I'll definitely have to give this gem a shot in the next project. =]

I would do the conversion from the raw markdown the user entered into sanitised HTML on save and store both the original user content (for editing etc) and html in the database. This means there is hardly any computation when your load the forum. The same could be accomplished by caching the page or fragment caching but I think this is a better solution.

ep! The emoji asset root cdn link seems expired. The more permanent way is to follow the steps copying the images to the public/images. The asset root is then localhost:3000/images/.

Thanks for the tip! I was wondering how long Github would allow people to use their assets.

And don't forget the "http://".

@excid3:disqus I refactored the markdownify method into a decorator instead of putting it in helpers. Admittedly I did it for practice generating decorators, but what is your opinion on the design decision?

I usually go for simplicity and don't use decorators for something like this. It's just a single method and I've already got a helper available so putting it there makes sense to me.

I find decorators are great for more complex things that manipulate record data into something more visible. A contrived example is a UserDecorator that has a "name" attribute that combines the "first_name" and "last_name" fields and does similar things for addresses. That rarely belongs in a model but it's a bit more logic than you'd want in a bunch of separate helper methods.

This cast is awesome, thanks. On Github, when you start typing the emoji name or mention (i.e., when you type ":hea..." or "@..." it pops up suggestion engine that allows you to choose what you want - a kind of auto-completion. any idea on how to implement something like that? I earched the documentation but couldn't find anything. of-course, the idea is to get some "real time" feedback and not just after you "pot" the mesage.

I've used At.js in the past and it has worked quite well.

Ah, awesome, thanks

Any idea how to turn the Auto link to make a new tab, ie target = blank

I've had to do this before. I think you have to pass in an option into the autolink plugin (or copy it and write your own that uses target blank. Can't remember off the top of my head but I did ask about it in an issue on the Github repository.

Is going to be a episode also using mentions and At.js? With notifications on mentions?

Hi chris, i am facing an issue, when i try adding this gem my textfield gets disalbed why?

Thank you for the video :) check that it may help you too ;)

Have you tried it with a real-life project? Thanks for sharing :)

Great video, is there a way I could customize the color of markdown formatting?

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