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macOS sierra working w/ Ruby / Rails / RBENV?

Brian Schwartz asked in General

Curious if anyone has tested it? Don't want to upgrade until I know everything in my stack works correctly without a ton of pain.



I believe as long as most of the Homebrew issues for Sierra are sorted and you've got Xcode 8's command line tools installed it should be good. I haven't upgraded yet either, but plan to do that on my laptop once the official release is out.

Pretty sure some other people have tried it here so hopefully they'll weigh in!


I had a couple people confirm things were working. Still haven't upgraded my laptop yet, but pretty excited to!


I upgraded and two of my coworkers did, but you probably want to update homebrew and whatnot before you upgrade just in case you need the latest version installed or whatnot.


I upgraded and I'm using ruby-install and chruby. So far so good!
If you want to avoid that type of issue, just setup your development environment in a container such as Docker


Thanks everyone. Working for me with everything thus far (love logging in with my apple watch) Chris ran into problems with sqlite3. Chris did you ever get those resolved?


Nothing so far unfortunately on sqlite. This is what I'm watching right now:

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