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Link_to error

Rails • Asked by Simon P


I have my header in a partial which then appears on every page through the application template.

In the header I have an About link:

<%= link_to "About", 'about' %>

This works fine in most of the site.

But when I am in it links to rather than

about.html.erb is in the folder static_pages and my routes.rb has :

get 'about', to: 'static_pages#about'

Any guidance appreciated, a schoolboy error I am sure!!



Your current link will be a relative link. If you do <%= link_to "About", about_path %> it should work as expected. All links defined in your routes file can be found through rake routes (or rails routes). "Simply" append _path to each link from the first column to get every correct url within your app.
Also if you want to link from an external source, eg. mailer, you can append these with _url.

This resource might be useful:


That Routing page is on my reading list already!!

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