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Chris Oliver asked in General

Hi Chris - I'm trying to build out the likes_controller, but I got an error related to friendly_id. I've implemented friendly_id on the Post model, could you please shed some light on solving this issue?

NoMethodError in Posts::LikesController#create
undefined method `slug' for #<like:0x007ff7c4d231b0>

before action :set_post

def set_post
@post = Post.friendly.find(params[:id])


Have you added the slug attribute to the Like model? That's a requirement to make friendly_id work. May want to read their directions again to get familiar with it.


I came across an issue when I tried to "like" a post without signing in, I'm not sure if "authenticate_user!" in the likes_controller is invoked because of the AJAX response....


When you're not signed in, I render the like button, but it takes you to sign in instead of the AJAX code there. Tweaked that a bit because the AJAX code won't do the redirect with UJS properly.

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