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Just want to say thanks!

Adrian DeGus asked in General

Hoping this isn't too cheesy, but I wanted to take a second to thank Chris for taking the time to make all of these invaluable videos here and to the community for helping me find solutions to problems that I couldn't find elsewhere.

1 year (and 2 days) ago I decided to learn how to code so that I could make my own project management tool. None of the others like Trello or Wrike or Asana gave me a clear enough insight into the overall operations of my company or into the current/upcoming workload of my team. Also, I've always struggled with RSI/Carpal Tunnel type pain and the number of steps these other tools required just to accomplish basic things was ridiculous. 7 clicks just to reschedule a task and return to the page you were just on, really?! lol

Anyways, I managed to finish my app,, something I couldn't have done without GoRails. I not only learned how to implement vital features but learned a ton about rails and coding in general.




Too cool! Congratulations on the product release!

A subscription to GoRails is invaluable. The videos Chris puts out are great, the community is where it's at.


Congrats on releasing your app Adrian, that's incredible! I can't wait to check it out. Looks really well done.

Thanks so much for the kind words guys. Couldn't make me happier to see that my little screencasts have helped so much. You guys are awesome. 🍻

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