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Jorge Gocobachi asked in General

I'm thinking about purchasing jumpstart.
I'm trying to build a marketplace where multiple sellers can sell multiple products and dashboard to manage products, sales, etc. (similar to etsy)
Is jumpstart ready for Stripe connect? Or how you will go about charging a percentage of the transaction between seller and buyer?



The payments library we're using for Jumpstart Pro, Pay, doesn't handle marketplaces right now. You'd need to implement Stripe Connect yourself instead.

At some point in the future, we'd like to support that, but we're upgrading everything to be SCA compatible first. Then we will probably look into marketplaces, but since we support both Stripe and Braintree, that's a bit harder to make them both work similarly, especially for marketplaces.


Thank you Chris,


Although it might not handle the marketplace features you need right now I can higly recommend Jumpstart Pro for the time it'll save in other areas - users, teams, authentication, social login, announcements, emails, user impersonation, and a great CSS base design 👍


I second that. It contains an amazing amount of boiler code and configurations that will save you SO MUCH TIME. Not to mention a perfect CSS base design to start from.


Thank you Chris

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