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jQuery UJS Callbacks Discussion

Discussion for jQuery UJS Callbacks
Vlad Radulescu Vlad Radulescu

You need more content before you should start charging. So far nothing spectacular that would make me subscribe.


Hey Vlad and biodiscover, that's totally fair. There are people who have asked to pay and want to support the site. I understand you're not sold yet and there's nothing wrong with that. Everyone's at a different stage in their career, so some people have gotten some valuable insights out of the screencasts so far and other people are further along that they haven't. I'm working my way towards the more advanced content. Hopefully over time I'll be able to earn your support as well! :)


I disagree with Vlad. Keep up the good work, I will happily subscribe.


I also disagree - and put my money where my opinion is and subscribed. Two suggestions - move the mic away from your keyboard - it sounds like you are pounding on it and it's distracting. Other is github repos with the code from each episode. does not have to be a full working app, but it would help.

biodiscover biodiscover

More casts to talk about pro option. Even RailsCasts began pro casts after 4 yrs.

Mordecai Wiredu Mordecai Wiredu

Keep up the good work Chris

David Becerra  David Becerra 

Keep these screencasts coming :) Really enjoying them and am happy to support GoRails!


Thanks David! :)

Edmundo Ramirez Edmundo Ramirez

$9 a month will not break my finances but will support Chris' effort. Looking forward for more pro and free tutorials.


I would like to appreciate your work. Keep these screencasts coming. Great work :)


Hi Chris, thanks for the screencast. I've enjoyed several episodes already. I feel though that this is an area (Rails UJS) that can be covered better. There are many tutorials on Rails UJS stuff, so rehashing the basics can only get us so far. What is lacking, I feel, are some interesting stuff like working with events to show/hide spinners, overriding confirm boxes, updating the DOM without rendering server side JS, reusable modals, working with UJS and Turbolinks, Turbolinks and Turbolinks 3, etc...


Love these suggestions! I was originally hesitant on covering too much frontend Javascript stuff but I think you're right in that all these things are super related and all Rails apps are getting more and more JS heavy. These are becoming more important and it would be a bad idea for me to consider these "out of scope". Going to add all these to my list of episode ideas and sprinkle them in. Thanks for the list! :)


I haven't even watched this yet, but I actually subscribed just to watch this. I love your free videos and I am glad that you have started offering a pro version so I can continue getting awesome videos.

Please continue doing more JS stuff, and keep up the good work. So much goodness in these videos so far!


Thanks for the great tip. I wanted to post a small correction, since I made the same mistake myself at first. On the jQuery UJS ajax events page on github, you copied the "extra parameters" for the ajax:error event into your event listener, however in each case you need to also include "event" as the first parameter (I think the way the documentation describes this is confusing... you have to read the * text below). When you don't include event as the first parameter, you're actually looking at the event object when you console.log xhr, and likewise when you console.log status, you are actually looking at the xhr object, not status. So the corrected version would be $(document).on "ajax:error", (event, xhr, status, error) ->
Hope this helps!


Hi Chris,

I was going through your source code, and I notice you required jquery in your application.js file even for app using rails 5.1.4. Could you explain the reason?

In your other screen cast, you mentioned that rails-ujs does not require jquery. However, my coffeescript runs into error when i do not require jquery. Would like to understand scenario where jquery is still needed in rails 5.1.x

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