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Is anyone using Rails 5 yet?

Rails • Asked by Alan Reid

The setup guides on the site recommend using Rails 4.2.6. I'm curious to know if we should be using Rails 5 now as it's been out for almost a month?


Yes but there was apparently a problem with sprockets 3.7.0 till yesterday, caused by the method register_engine which is deprecated. If you started the puma server it printed something as follows in the terminal:
DEPRECATION WARNING: Sprockets method register_engine is deprecated. But now all of a sudden there's no warning anymore without making any changes to the /sass-rails-5.0.5/lib/sass/rails/railtie.rb file where the method is used.

Cool cheers Drilon, I think I will wait a little longer and let the bugs get fixed before I jump onboard. I assume its not too hard to update an app to the latest version of Rails?

I'm not too sure about this, but there should be some breaking changes between Rails 4 and 5.


Isn't that always the case lol :) oh well i will investigate further. I am starting a large project so was tempted to start it off on the latest versions. But i am thinking it maybe best to keep it on the slightly older version.

I'm running a few apps on Rails 5 now, and all new projects I've started are on Rails 5. Never noticed any issues with the Sprockets stuff but your mileage may vary.

I have moved over to Rails 5 today. No issues as of yet :D Thanks all for your help

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