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I made a quiz game for Ruby

WyattLucas asked in Showcase

The backend is Ruby (postgres DB), frontend is React. If anyone sees any value here, be great to discuss ideas. Players earn reputation, unlock levels, gain badges, and climb the leaderboards by answering (and submitting) questions on Ruby.

Every question has an explanation, so you learn something regardless of whether you were correct. There is a voting and review system to ensure good quality questions.

Would be worth posting a link to showcase your work

In my opinion, polls for games are very important because each game has its disadvantages or advantages. I often see how long people choose which game to play. Recently I became interested in the casino and also couldn't choose but came across a site where I read reviews of the casino, then asked friends and they confirmed that it is a good casino. Therefore, it is very important to do polls and read reviews before the game.

Quiz related games is always interesting. I love them a lot.

That's nice! I also have great interest in Ruby as well. Though, I have a website based on gaming. I need someone who can help me to write my website content for posting. People who has great experience in gaming would be helpful. Besides, the people who can help with research paper is highly appreciate. Anyway, I got a few websites where I meet lots of professional writers like How much helpful they are? Did you ever try? Thanks!

I prefer to play on this site after some time

AHAHAHA, all your sites compared to my favorite

That's great. Is this game for free or paid?

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