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How would you approach adding students to classes?

Daniel Weaver asked in Rails

I have SchoolClass and Student resources. Students belong to classes through ClassMemberships. So far students have been added to classes using a grid of class checkboxes on the Edit Student page. Now I'm working on a feature to add students to classes directly from the Edit Class page.

I have a search input that remote loads the student search results in a div. I want each student name to be clickable to add them to the class (ie create a new ClassMembership).

Would you use something like the button_to tag to create a tiny form for each student name? Where would you send the form? The class_membership#create controller action, passing in the and Or is there a more Rails-y way to do it? (I'm aware the whole process I'm using here isn't very Rails-y)

# school_class.rb
class SchoolClass < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :class_memberships
  has_many :students, through: :class_memberships
# student.rb
class Student < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :class_memberships
  has_many :school_classes, through: :class_memberships
# class_membership.rb
class ClassMembership < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :student
  belongs_to :school_class

What about this code?

has_many :students, through: :attendances, source: :student, dependent: :add

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