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How to use Javascript via Webpacker in Rails 6 Discussion

General • Asked by Chris Oliver

Alternatively to the webpacker way of require the flatpicker css in the packs/application.js you can do someting like:

 *= require flatpicker/dist/flatpicker

In your rails app/assets/stylesheets/application.css (or other) manifest file.

Chris, isn't it important to include the following line in the main entry pack:

import "babel-polyfill";

Without it, as far as I understand, Babel will not transpile the ES6 code and there should be issues with current browsers, right?

Hi Chris, regarding Yarn. Do we have to use Yarn in Rails 6 or can we use NPM and the package.json file? Is there an advantage to using Yarn vs NPM? Thanks!

You can use either but stick to one. Yarn I believe was created by facebook as an alternative to NPM due to some issues they had. Yarn is also faster I believe.

But stick to one as you might run into issues when (accidentally) using both. I use Yarn—for the speed.

Awesome, I got it all working on a standard form but the calendar doesn't display on an Ajax form. I assume my "_edit_info.js" needs to call flatpickr. Or what's the best way to go about this? Thanks

Figured it out:
document.getElementById("userinfodiv").innerHTML = "<%= j render 'editinfo' %>"

altInput: true,
altFormat: "F j, Y",
dateFormat: "Y-m-d",

I have created a new Rails 6 (rc1) with the latets version of webpacker (4.0.6) and when I run my app I get the following error

decode.js:32 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot assign to read only property 'exports' of object '#<Object>'
    at Module.<anonymous> (decode.js:32)
    at Module../node_modules/querystring-es3/decode.js (decode.js:88)
    at __webpack_require__ (bootstrap:19)
    at Object../node_modules/querystring-es3/index.js (index.js:3)
    at __webpack_require__ (bootstrap:19)
    at Object.<anonymous> (client:6)
    at Object../node_modules/webpack-dev-server/client/index.js?http://localhost:3035 (client:337)
    at __webpack_require__ (bootstrap:19)
    at Object.0 (log.js:47)
    at __webpack_require__ (bootstrap:19)

Anyone else have expirienced the same issue?


Do you recommend building a new app in Rails 6 rc1 today and upgrading to 6.0 when it releases or starting with 5.2.3? Will one be easier than the other to update?

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