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How to use Devise Test Helpers Discussion

Hey Chris,

I've noticed that some of your recent videos about testing are using Minitest.

What are your current thoughts on Minitest vs rspec? I've been a fan of rspec for many years, but I'm considering using Minitest instead, since it's built-in and is thus the default.

One of the big considerations for me to move to Minitest is the addition of integration tests (a while back), but since I haven't tried it out yet I'm not aware of any "gotchas" with Minitest.

I always look forward to your videos!


Apparently, the industry is moving towards minitest. It makes sense because the strength of Rails is that you can develop faster if you use the standard tools and ways. Thus, generally using built in tools, like minitest, action cable, active storage, etc. is a good long term strategy.


There is some initial unfamiliarity when switching to minitest, but in my experience this passes very quickly and minitest seems much more standard when you get used to it. Would not go back to rspec.


Any way of having sign_in before all Controller tests without having to individually place it in every controller test setup?


so this is what rspec already does, glad minitest has an option to get there though.

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