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How to solve the [GET] “/login” routing error while building shopify app using ruby on rails?

Gaurav Agarwal asked in Gems / Libraries

I am getting a Routing error says " no routes matches [GET] "/login" " and also in ruby libraries. During running on a server it displays page not found and the logs for that error is Logs show [GET] route error and library error.

I have my index file at following path
My code in config/routes.rb is:

Rails.application.routes.draw do
root 'home#index' 
get 'show' => 'welcomes#show'
resources :home

I already tried adding login in routes.rb.

Error logs


Must be because you have a controller filter that redirects to a /login route.

But you don't have any /login route in your route.rb file.

Are you trying to implement authentication but are new to rails ?


Yes, @ThomasBlumenfeld I am trying to implement authentication. And somehow I successed with this method and now it's generating this error.

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