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How To Setup Vagrant For Rails Development Discussion

Nice guide. A few weeks ago I tried following it but ran into a few problems with chef recipes but now it worked =)
Only two small problems:
1 - My "bundler" gem was not installed by vagrant, everything else worked fine

2 - Webrick was veeeeeeery slow, after a few google searches I saw someone saying that its because of the vbox sync, so I added this line do the Vagrantfile "config.vm.synced_folder ".", "/vagrant", type: "rsync"", now it runs almost as fast as on my local machine.


Thanks for the tips! I'm not a Vagrant expert, so #2 was new to me. The chef recipe used to install bundler for me, but it doesn't seem to anymore either. Super annoying.


What OS are you on if you don't mind me asking? Does rsync work on Windows? I looked around and find a lot of contradictory opinions regarding NFS vs rsync for speed (although **all** parties appear to agree VirtualBox shared folders suck).

Anyone have any guidance? I have a Macbook Pro, but there are many times where I'd prefer to be able to work on my Windows machine and need to mock the deployment environment anyway.


Alejandro Ventura Alejandro Ventura

Excellent work!

Now I have I doubt, can you help me out making it available for parallels provider?
I prefer to use this provider but I couldn't make it works fine, so I really appreciate anything you can do for me.

Thanks a lot!


Unfortunately I don't know much about Parallels. Not sure there's a way to convert the Ubuntu virtual machine from VirtualBox to it or not. It might be easiest to just install Ubuntu from scratch in Parallels.


This is cool especially when using on multiple env

Is this still a common thing, or do people more use docker now?

Same question.

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