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How to perform bulk update in rails?

Srinivasa Varma D asked in Databases

Hi there,

Here is the problem in more detail. I tried to perform bulk update on rails model, but ended up with normal save method. I have some number of records and i wanted to update their values with respect to performed calculations. But i could not find a solution to do that. Any ideas appereciated.

Below is my rails task code:

  wsp = Wsp.includes(:collections)
    wsp.each do |ws|
         ws.set_margin_attributes false)

and Wsp model contains set_margin_attributes method like below

    def set_margin_attributes(ws_calculations)
            self.attributes = {
                total_amount: ws_calculations[:total_amount],
                margin: ws_calculations[:margin],
                margin_percent: ws_calculations[:margin_percent],
                inr_margin: ws_calculations[:inr_margin]

Can some one suggest is there any otherway to do this.

Thanks in advance

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