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How to do a Realtime Basketball Boxscore Widge Properly?

Paulo Avelino asked in General

I have created a basketball stats tracker . Now I wanted to create a widget so that sports site can embed my boxscore widget to their site. My plan is add a job in my app that push the game boxscore json to a cloud server every 1 minute or while game tracking is on progress. I am thinking of using rethinkdb as my boxscores database. One of my requirements is to be able to update widget data without refreshing browser. Thats why I thought of using rethinkdb with rails server sent event. Am I on right path? Is there a tutorial or sample app using rethinkdb and SSE? Any suggestions would be helpful.


Consider using websockets, it would allow you to feed the refreshed data immediately, not wait for a minute potentially, which is kinda long when you're talking about real-time.

Read more here if your app is Rails:


Hi thanks for the response. I dont need bidirectional communication thats why I thought of SSE

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