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How to deploy rails on IIS or on Xammp with Apache?

Mahmoud Sayed asked in Rails

I have Windows Server R2 2012, I need to deploy rails app on it.
I want to run rails app on either IIS or on Xammp with apache.
I tried many solutions posted on the internet but none of them worked.

I tried to run rails on IIS 10 on windows 10 pro but I failed, check this for more details (
I need to depoly it first on Windows 10 before I depoly it on the windows server.

On Xammp
Last try was to run rails on Xammp and Apache, I followed the steps mentioned here ( but this only opens the index.html -I created it by myself- in the public directory and I can't access the rest of the application using it (for example, I can't open the root page).

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