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How to create a minitest fixture for a non database model?

Simon Moro asked in Testing


Is there a way to create a fixture for a model that is not in the database? I built my app a few years back following a guide in which the Plans were loaded from a YML file and instantiated as ActiveRecord models, but not persisted in the database.

When I attempt to create the fixtures for Plans, I get:

ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid: PG::UndefinedTable: ERROR: relation "plans" does not exist

Because, of course, there IS no table for plans.

However, I still need the Plan model available in my tests.

Thanks in advance!

Here the app code - which works... Just need to create fixtures :)

plan_loader.rb - initializer

file_path = "config/plans.yml"
if File.exist?(file_path)
PLANS = YAML.load(

plan.rb - model

class Plan
def self.plans
@plans ||= { |k| PLANS[k] }

def self.all { |plan| }

def self.where(args)
conditions = do |arg_key, arg_val|
proc { |plan| plan[arg_key] == arg_val }
local_plans = { |plan| conditions.all? { |c| } } { |plan| }

def self.find(stripe_id)
plan = plans.find { |p| p[:stripe_id] == stripe_id }

Actually... it seems it is auo loading them into the test environment... So, consider this closed :)

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