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How to Add Pagination for Blog Posts in Rails Discussion

I like the manual approach of looking inside the pagy object and finding your way to get what you want! That is what I usually do instead of searching the doc :)

A simpler approach that I recommend for Pagy, is searching into the How To, which should give you the official and tested recipes to get what you want.

For example:
Skip Single Page Navs
Handle Pagy::OverflowError exceptions

I just realized that the README was lacking those very commonly needed details, and I added them to the example.

Thank you Chris!


Advice from the author himself! Thanks Domizio!


Hey Chris,

Awesome series. Learned a ton.

I followed this from the Path page and I see currently there are two paths only (Ruby for beginners and Build a blog with rails 7), correct me if I'm wrong though. Are there any more available ? Do I have to subscribe for them ?



We will have more available soon. 👍

Some of the advanced ones later on will be paid but most will be free.


That's great.
Looking forward.


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