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How Do I Search Against Records Saved In Memory, and Not the Database?

Rails • Asked by Steve Polito


I have an event that starts Jan 1, 2017 and repeats every day until Dec 31, 2017. If I search for an event (using ransack) that starts after Jan 1, 2017 no events will appear, because the only record saved to the database has a start date of Jan 1, 2017. The rest of the records are created in memory. However, if I search for an event that starts before Jan 1, 2017, all results render as expected.


I have a list of repeating events. The repeating events are created using ice_cube and recurring_select, along with the following method in my model.


def events_list(start)
    if recurring.empty?
    end_date = start.end_of_year
      schedule(start_time).occurrences(end_date).map do |date| id, title: title, start_time: date, club: club)


def all
      @q = Event.ransack(params[:q])
      @events = @q.result(distinct: true).order(start_time: :desc)
      @events_list = @events.flat_map{ |e| e.events_list(params.fetch(:start_date, }
      @events_list_paginated = @events_list.paginate(page: params[:page])

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