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How do I post a client ID in a different controllers view?

Spohnz asked in Rails

Hello, I am so very new to Rails that my question might seem odd. But I will try to be as explicit as possible.
I have a controller named clients, It shows

<%= @client.client_identifier %> - <%= @client.client_name %>

in the view that renders a clients ID and a Name. I click on "new Appliance" for this client and have it take me to a new controller. I would like to in the new controller view to show the ID of the client so I can eventually concatenate to it and save it as a hostname.
Any help on how I can get <%= @client.client_identifier %> to show up in my "new appliance" page?


Hey Spohnz,

Assuming you have an appliance controller, you might want to add @client in appliance_controller.rb under the index or show methods. e.g.

class ApplianceController < ApplicationController
    def index
        @appliance = Appliance.all
        @client = Client.all

But I'm also just learning too, and whilst the above works, someone else might have another suggestion.

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