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How do I include a placeholder for empty notifications

Stan Smith asked in General

Your In-App Notification code worked perfectly.
However I'm stuck on what code to use to display a placeholder message if there aren't any notifications.

You mentioned this briefly in the episode but didn't offer an example.


Hey Stan,

You'd actually just put an if statement in the JS. If the length of the notifications > 0, display them, else, render your placeholder.

Something like this (I haven't tested this, so it may have some bugs):

  handleSuccess: (data) =>
    items = $.map data, (notification) ->
      "<a class='dropdown-item' href='#{notification.url}'>#{} #{notification.action} #{notification.notifiable.type}</a>"


    if items.length == 0
      items = "<a>No new notifications</a>"


That did it. Thanks Chris!

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