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How do i implement load more comments or reply

khemlall mangal asked in Ruby

Chris i followed your series on implementing commenting systeming using polymorphic is true. Now that i got that implemented. i want to know how do i make this work with will paginate for example....

so in my SHOW.html.erb file i render the partial
<%= render partial: "comments/form", locals: {commentable: @campaign}, class:"form-control" %>
<%= render partial: "comments/comments", locals: {commentable: @campaign} %>

                i would like to limit the number of reply returned and allow the user to paginate to the next say 5 comments etc.... how do i do that? can you give a complete example code ..... remember i use your series of polymorphic true series, so build it from that perspective... response as soon as you can will be apprecited
wow no comment or reply .... go much for membership:)
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