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How do I find the best place to store user videos and how to capture them?

Giorgos Psathas asked in General

I want to create an app which will provide to user the opportunity to capture from their PC (by using webcamera and Mic) series of videos and save them under his profile. My concerns/questions are:

  • where is the safest and the better place to store them? I don't want to require users to have a Youtube channel in order to use my app or Google account. Also my app will, probably, be used by a large number of subscribers so the requirements to safety and server speed are huge.
  • do you know any gem that can be used in order to capture video from users web camera, audio from users mic and after capturing upload it automatically to the previous storage? It would be great if this gem would give the opportunity to user to pause/resume recording.

Hey Giorgos,

This is absolutely a complicated thing to do unfortunately. There are a lot of things that just aren't well defined yet for recording audio and video.

  1. The best place is probably going to be storing your videos on Amazon S3. You can use their transcoding service to make the videos web compatible and take screenshots and send the results back to S3. You can also put up a Cloudfront CDN in front of that so downloading the videos will be faster. You'll also only pay for what you use, so the more downloads you get, the more you'll pay. Helps to have your costs scale accordingly.

  2. You can check out some things like this which will allow you to record the webcam and audio in HTML5.

And there's webcamjs which will be useful I'm sure:

I don't know too much about all this but I'm likely going to be diving into a video project deeply sometime soon so maybe I'll know more in a month or two.


Thank you for your answer. I will try to find more information on that issue based on what you suggest me till you develop something that will be useful for me.
Thank you again.

Should you have more information for usage of their transcoding service to make the videos web compatible and take screenshots and send the results back to S3, I would be grateful if you share it with me.


Thanks mate. That is really helpful.

Keep up the good work.

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