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How do I display errors messages from devise in the same page?

Camilla asked in Rails

Hello, Chris!

I have a rails appp, and I'm using Devise (without simple_form).
My registration form is in my homepage, root_path. I followed the tutorial from Devise and I'm able to register users in my landing page.

It works fine until the errors, that are shown at localhost:3000/users, it redirects me to a totally different page from the root_path.

So, what I would like is to show the errors below of each box just like they are when they're in the regular path like /registration/new.
Is that possible?


I'm utilizing devise and I put the login and sign up structures in a similar page, presently when I compose invalid login subtleties or don't fill required information at the sign up structure. I'm diverting to the/clients page in case I'm attempting to enroll or to the/clients/sign_in on the off chance that I attempt to login with the blunders I made... I need to remain in a similar page and show the blunders in a similar page. how might I do it? much appreciated you without a doubt, I need a snappy assistance :)

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