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How do I display a list of Favorited Posts from forum on the User Profile page?

Rob Sturcke asked in Rails

I'm creating a forum and am trying to display a list of posts that have been favorited by the current user in the users/show.html.erb view.

When I favorite a post however, then go to my user profile show page, I get the following error in my app/views/favorites/_favorite.html.erb:

NameError in Users#show

undefined local variable or method `post'

<% if favorite = current_user.favorite_for(post) %>

Am I missing something in my favorites_controller that is preventing it from saving, to then be rendered as a list? Or am I rendering it in the users/show.html.erb view improperly?

Here's my favorites_controller.rb:

class FavoritesController < ApplicationController
  before_action :require_sign_in

  def create
    post = Post.find(params[:post_id])
    favorite = post)

      flash[:notice] = "Saved as favorite!"
      flash[:alert] = "Favorite failed to save."
    redirect_to [post.topic, post]

  def destroy
     post = Post.find(params[:post_id])
     favorite = current_user.favorites.find(params[:id])

     if favorite.destroy
       flash[:notice] = "Post unfavorited."
       flash[:alert] = "Unfavoriting failed."
       redirect_to [post.topic, post]

Here's how I rendered it in my users/show.html.erb:

   <%= render @user.favorites %>

   <%= render @user.posts %>

Also tried this for users/show.html.erb:

   <%= render partial: @user.favorites %>

Here's my favorites/_favorite.html.erb (line #1 raised issue):

<% if favorite = current_user.favorite_for(post) %>
 <%= link_to [post, favorite], class: 'btn btn-danger', method: :delete do %>
   <i class="icon ion-ios-heart"> </i>&nbsp; Unfavorite
 <% end %>
<% else %>
 <%= link_to [post,], class: 'btn btn-primary', method: :post do %>
   <i class="icon ion-ios-heart-outline"> </i>&nbsp; Favorite
 <% end %>
<% end %>

Tried a migration to AddUserToFavorites but ran into a migration error upon rake db:migrate
rails g migration AddUserToFavorites user:references

If needed here's my code:

Thank you for your help.



It seems that you're calling for a local variable to be passed in _favorite.html.erb, however your call in users/show.html.erb is simply trying to render what it knows, regardless of locals being passed.

I think you need something like this:

<%= render partial: "favorites/favorite", locals: { post: @post } %>


Hey thanks for the help. I did get a bit further with your recommendation.

I did run into a new issue that I'm working on solving with the same task of displaying favorites despite the fix. I'm having trouble defining which post I would be sending to the users#show which resulted in nil while I'm calling the .id.

NoMethodError in Users#show

def favorite_for(post)
(added ** next to the line)

Hi Rob,

I noticed that while looking at your code the first time. I knew there may be another issue with the favorites_for method.

What I like to do when debugging is open up rails console and find a user with and without any favorites (or whatever object you're working with). Then simply try to run user.favorites.where(post_id: and see what it returns. You may very well be having a user that doesn't have any post favorites and you aren't accounting for that in the view.

Alternatively, I think line 1 in _favorite.html.erb may be the culprit of the error.

The if should be checking for not nil (appears you're setting a variable). Put the current_user.favorite_for(post) down where you have the variable. Then it should hit your else for the other case.


You can do something like <%= render 'favorites/favorites', favorites: @user.favorites %> to render partial favorites/_favorites.html.erb


Hey Erik,

Yeah it seems as though it's not accounting for the post favorites for the user after checking rails console so I think I found my main issue in the favorites_controller.

I need to redo my favorites_controller to sort of mimic the GoRails Liking Posts controller, I see that I'm not doing a few things with the create method @post.likes.where(user_id: to identify it with the user, and using a private set_post to get the :post_id. (Around the 10:00 mark of the gorails tutorial).

Unfortunately my favoriting technique I used didn't give the proper current_user I guess.

I did also try moving down the current_user.favorite_for(post) but still ran into a error with favorite_for on line 11 favorites.where(post_id:

Thanks for your help I really appreciate it!

Hey Dmitry,

I'll give it a shot after I configure the favorites controller, I'm sure it'll work.

Thanks for the help!

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