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How do I access an attribute from a background worker (Stripe charge_id)?

Taylor Cooney asked in Rails
I managed to get Stripe working and processing Jobs, where a user must pay a one-time charge in order to create a Job record. 

After putting the call to `Stripe::Charge.create` in a background job I can't manage to figure out how to pass the `` from `Stripe::Charge.create` to an Order object.

I planned to move the Order.create call into the sidekiq worker and access the `` directly, but I can't access the @job within the worker because a stripeToken can't be used more than once. Any idea on how I can still save the `` to an `Order`? *(separate from the main Job model)*


    def create
        if @job.create_with_stripe(params[:stripeToken])
              # Can't figure out how to pass the from StripePaymentJob
              :charge_id    =>,
              :job_id       =>

Job Model

    def create_with_stripe(token)
        Stripe.api_key = Rails.application.secrets.stripe_secret_key
        if valid?
          StripePaymentJob.perform_later(token, SecureRandom.uuid)

Stripe Worker

    class StripePaymentJob < ApplicationJob
      queue_as :default
      def perform(token, idempotent_key)
        @charge = Stripe::Charge.create({
        }, { idempotency_key: idempotent_key })

Phil gave me a hand over on StackOverFlow. In short, he recommended I consider this approach:
  • Before requesting the job be performed, create the order record with a nil charge_id
  • After the Stripe transaction has been completed in the job, update the order with the returned charge_id

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