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How can I whitelist an heroku app for external api?

Nathaniel Mak asked in General

I have a situation where I would need a static ip for my app in order to get whitelisted from a third party api, but heroku doesn’t support this. Has anyone got managed to find a fix around this anyway?


I'm not sure about options for Heroku, but when you use a VPS (like DigitalOcean) you get a static IP for your server (as long as you don't destroy the server).

You can also get a Floating IP that allows you to swap out the server behind that IP seamlessly so the IP does not change. That's what I use for my apps that I deploy with


I should probably take a look at hatchbox. It seems that heroku doesn’t support this. Unfortunate since I enjoyed how they had set up the staging and production splits.

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