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Help with Debugging

Jim Miller asked in Javascript

Hi all,
I am trying to help out an open source project that I use. I found an issue and the developer has asked me to help debug the javascript but I'm a javascript hack and not sure how to do it.


  1. The project is coc-tailwindcss
  2. The plugin works in one project but not the other. Here's the issue:
  3. The developer says the LSP init fail, debug the error at line:
  4. The developer asked me "Use console.log to print info to output channel or follow"

I have at least 2 questions:

  1. The developer wants the console.log() on 7134. Exactly where in the code should I put it and what variable should I use?
  2. I'm assuming that the output would be in :CocCommand workspace.showOutput but I'm not sure. Am I right? Is there another spot to output?

I appreciate any help!!


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