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Help needed on how to create spatial indexing

sid d asked in General

Presently i have a list of the places what i've looking for and latitude / longitude numbers for them and i come up with somewhere about spatial indexing to search for nearest locations within my database but i've got not much help on this anywhere on internet how to go forward on rails application.

I'll be pretty much glad, if i get some help from you guys.


Are you considering using PostGIS on PostgreSQL for basic search or an independent search engine like ElasticSearch so you can do more complex searches?


I don't even know about PostGIS exists. I'm going through documentation and it appears i come up with poor documentation on PostGIS.

More or less i need to do this thing, meanwhile if you can have any help for me how to go with this, i'll be much glad with that. Thanks so much Chris


PostGIS would be the easiest way to get started. There definitely isn't great documentation on it. Maybe I'll be able to record a screencast on it sometime soon.

In the meantime, check out the readme on this and see if it does what you need:


Screencast would be great. Active record postgis adapter documentation fine too.

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