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Has any installed macOS Sierra yet?

Jordan Godwin asked in General

Just curious if anyone is running macOS 10.12 Sierra yet, and if so, how are things with your dev environment? Specifically with Homebrew and such?


I haven't yet, but I know that people were using my guide on Sierra really early on. Xcode and homebrew got updated rather fast this time and while I'm sure there are still some issues with it, it sounds like it's working pretty smoothly for everyone.

Here's some packages that aren't currently compatible with Sierra:

Probably some other Github issues you could find on compatibility stuff, but as far as I've heard I think you'd be safe to upgrade.


Sweet. Good to hear. As always, I'll make a backup, but I think I might give it a shot this weekend.

Thanks Chris!


Let me know how it goes! I was considering upgrading to the GM too, but I'm a little afraid to just because I don't have a backup computer to use in case something goes wrong. :)


Yeah, I know what you mean. Worse case scenario for me is I'd have to stop work for a few hours and revert to my SuperDuper backup file.


I was gonna post this earlier haha.

So tempted to install the final GM on my MacBook and see how it goes. I was running the beta but had massive issues due to brew.

Luckily my main Mac will stick on El Cap until I'm happy there will be no issues ;)


Reminder... If you do choose to install macOS Sierra, make sure you have Xcode 8 installed too. You can get this from - and don't forget to install the command line tools for Xcode 8 too ;)


All installed and working fine, however still get the home-brew message about 10.12 :)


Yeah, I installed it this past weekend and have been using it at work the last few days. No issues here. (definitely needed Xcode 8 GM though)

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