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GroupChat ActionCable Part 6 coffee and Chrome compatibility

Rob Sturcke asked in General

Running into a strange error, everything works perfectly fine in Safari/Firefox. However, when launching in Chrome functionality completely halts after adding Is there something I'm missing or is this a security bug on chrome's part?

Only clue on Chrome's console: page is not secure under Security tab, and won't process console.log any longer

Edit: rails s still receives information, but message_relay seems to be delayed with Chrome and no significant changes are made. Safari still receives the notifications of messages sent from the Chrome browser.

Just looking to see if a similar issue has ever been experienced, I can compromise for using a different browser and finishing the process no problem, but will definitely revisit the project to see if the same error occurs.

Not sure what to make of it, triple checked spelling etc, very strange!


Haven't seen this myself. What logs are in your Javascript console?


So I figured out what happened, but still a very strange occurrence that has happened to me once before.

After restarting redis server, rails s, cache clearing on Chrome I decided to just delete the chatroom, as well as create a new user entirely. It worked! So my conclusion is that for some reason Chrome may hold onto certain Coffeescript (or JS) being used on localhost:3000 and I had a similar occurrence of this happen once before about year ago in a AngularJS project.

Very strange but got it working! This project has been a lot of fun, can't thank you enough for making these tutorials!


Interesting. I've seen some odd things with caching in the browser sometimes and that could definitely do it. Plus they update Chrome so often these days that you never know when they might introduce a small bug or something.

Very glad you're enjoying the series. I had a lot of fun making it! 😎

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