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Group Chat with ActionCable: Part 6 Discussion

masud hossain masud hossain

Wow! This was an amzing guide!

Is it still safe if you input <script>alert("wow");</script> in the message body??
it seems the body is raw.

Isn't it why we always want to use controller's renderer? so that you can leave the worries like this behind?


Yeah, you'll want to sanitize it. I can't cover everything in the series, so that's one you'll have to add in. Good catch, it'll be useful for anyone else following this to be aware of that.


HI, I did the group chat on 5.2 and now I want to port it to a new rails 6 app in web pack. I got this error Uncaught ReferenceError: App is not defined

which is in line 20
App.teams.send_message(team_id, body.val())

where the file is app/Javascript/packs directory

any ideas ?


I'm going to update this series for Rails 6 really soon. Basically you just need to use a Javascript import to import the channel from if you're calling it from another file.


That would be great. Look forward.


Would be great to have a guide with rails 6 :D


I've been recording an update series in Rails 6 that should be out soon. :D


hello, i can't figure out how to unsubscribe from the chat?

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