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General • Asked by Chris Oliver

Really looking forward to seeing this move forward. I'll be sure to hang around to help with workarounds on Windows systems.

This will be helpful. Most of us that develop Rails are on a Mac or Unix system. I've honestly never used a Windows machine. Maybe we'll do a machine setup for Windows.

As I've told Chris, I'll be happy to help with that. Hit me up on Twitter and let me know.

If you're in need of a much more advanced search that does indexing, you can look into, or Elastic Search with

Another way to do this is to put the ActionMailer configuration pieces into the relevant config/initializers/production.rb and config/initializers/development.rb files. Either way works, this way is nice if you have some shared configurations between the two.

And if your repo is public, or you want to leave the configuration on the machine you can use ENV variables, or dynamically read in the configuration through a YAML file or something similar.

Good call! Saves having to create a setup_email.rb initializer.

This is amazing. Thanks for the great post!


Where did the video go?

Fixed! Accidentally had the old video URL under http instead of https.

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