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Setup Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander Discussion

Chris Oliver asked in General

Awesome! Many thanks, Chris

Kasey Jean Robinson Kasey Jean Robinson

This worked great, thank you so much!!!

I had a little trouble on how to save the git SSH key to a /home/user/ folder, but figured it out with a friend's help. Thanks!


Great! Let me know if there's anything I can make more clear for that part.


Geez, wish I'd seen this when I was setting up Ruby & RoR on Ubuntu. What is the reason for installing node.js? I've noticed I always have to install the ruby racer for JS stuff, but I don't on our work server. At work we have node.js installed. Does node.js provide JS abilities (if that's the right word) for process .js files?


The ruby racer can be a replacement for Node.js but Node doesn't require you to add a gem to your app. The reason you need one of these is so that you can compile Coffeescript to Javascript (and then combine and minify it in the asset pipeline when you deploy). Node is a Javascript runtime that isn't in the browser and therubyracer gem provides one as well.


Chris - 'setup' is a noun, and 'set up' is a verb, and you've misused 'setup' in this article, in other articles you've written on, and in replies to this article. Please take a few minutes to learn the correct the usage of 'set up' and 'setup'.

Prabhjot Singh Prabhjot Singh

Thank you!
Great Job

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