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Good guide for standing up a solid Ruby gem development environment in Visual Studio Code?

MenltonGomes asked in General

In my work, I have to split my time between working on a lot of different things, even sometimes different branches of the same things. I've wound up settling on Visual Studio Code as my primary development environment. UC Browser

I really need to translate a lot of the work I'm doing into Ruby gems, instead of having different ruby scripts and modules floating around imported directly by path, but I've been having a lot of difficulty getting a clean, isolated-per-checkout ruby environment and workflow going that can combine VS Code, solargraph and friends while doing gem development. sandbox vs rbenv vs Appvn rvm, getting solargraph and bundler to operate in the context of the virtual environment rather than some system or homedir environment, rspec, ensuring I'm not accidentally pulling in artifacts from some other build in some other checkout...I feel like every time I plug one leak, I sprout another somewhere else.SHAREit

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Check out the official Ruby installation guide by Ruby site. I will recommend using rbenv if you are OS X or Linux user. Windows user may install Ruby by downloading the Ruby installer for Windows. I’m a OS X user, Ruby is pre-installed in OS X. However, I would recommend ruby developer to use rbenv to manage your development environment as it will not mess with the version of system installed Ruby runtime.

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Has anyone successfully configured VS Code in a way that allows me to have multiple ruby gem projects open that won't accidentally pull each other in?

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