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Form item disappearing when failing nested validations

Rails • Asked by Nino Rosella

I have a Rails 5 app, and I'm having a problem with validations using the Cocoon gem with nested, dynamic forms. 

When a validation on my Book model fails, and my create action renders :new, the Authorfield disappears from my new book form.

One thing I've noticed is that when the validation fails, rather than passing authors back into my form, it's passing book_authors back because of the line in my create action. Pretty sure this is the cause of my issue, but don't know how to fix it.


class BooksController < ApplicationController

def new
@book =

def create
@book = current_user.books.create(book_params)
params[:book][:authors_attributes].each do |k,v|
author = Author.find_or_create_by(name: v['name'], user_id:

    redirect_to book_path(@book)
  render :new



def book_params
params.require(:book).permit(:title, :published_city, :description, author_ids:[])

def author_params
params.require(:book).permit(authors_attributes: [:id, :name, :_destroy])


class Book < ApplicationRecord

has_many :book_authors
has_many :authors, through: :book_authors
belongs_to :user

accepts_nested_attributes_for :authors, allow_destroy: true
validates :title, :published_city, presence: true
validates_associated :authors, inverse_of: :book


class BookAuthor < ApplicationRecord
belongs_to :book
belongs_to :author

class Author < ApplicationRecord
has_many :book_authors
has_many :books, through: :book_authors

validates :name, presence: true


<%= form_for @book do |f| %>
<%= f.text_field :title, required: true %>
<%= f.text_area :description %>
<div id='authors'>
<%= f.fields_for :authors do |author| %>
<%= render 'author_fields', :f => author %>
<% end %>
<div class='links'>
<%= link_to_add_association 'Add another author', f, :authors %>
<%= f.text_field :published_city %>
<%= f.submit %>
<% end %>

Hey your `create` action shouldn't need to loop over the `book_params` to create params.

I quickly created a sample app that shows how I use `cocoon` with many-to-many relationships.

It is at Let me know how you go.

Hey Dylan,

Just want to thank you for going to the effort to build this! Love the GoRails community.

However, when I run that code and create a new book, but leave the author field blank, it doesn't seem to be hitting the validation. So I'm able to create a book with no author. Any ideas why this might be?

Try adding `validates :authors, presence: true` to the Book model.

Yep, works a charm.

Thank you so much Dylan.

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