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Fixing Bundler could not find compatible versions gem "rack"

Omar Khedr asked in Rails

Hi everyone,
I was working through Chris refile gem course and trying to implement it into my app. When I tried to do bundle install, I kept running into an error message in my console saying that bundle could not find compatible versions for my gem "rack" (screenshot of error below). I tried looking at these Stackoverflow questions - and without success. I tried multiple approaches - 1. putting rack in my Gemfile, 2. uninstalling all previous rack and then installing rack versions. None seemed to work. And this issue only appears when I have inserted "gem "refile", require: "refile/rails" &
gem "refile-mini_magick"; when I remove these two gems my gemfile can be bundle installed without issue. I would greatly appreciate any help on this issue. Thank you so much.

When I run Bundle Install

When I then run Bundle Update


Can you post the exact error message? Try running bundle update. That will likely resolve your issue.


Gary I tried bundle update and that didn't work, I thought about installing an earlier version of rails would you recommend that?

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