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[Feature Request] Ask for Topic/Episodes/Series

General • Asked by Jorge Dominguez


So hello guys,

All of us have great ideas, and all of us want to know whats next episode would be.
So this is my idea.

List of Topics with likes.

Everyone can enter the topic that would like more information with some details.
And everyone can Like or +1 and the most popular topic will be the next WIP.

Thats is Chris accepts the idea.


For now, I'm just using Uservoice for this, but it isn't the best and is just in the Feedback link in the footer ( I'm definitely planning on improving this and making it part of the site in the near future.

I love the idea of showing what episodes I'll be recording for the future couple of weeks. That would be really handy I'm sure.


Oh! I see it now on the footer.
Thank you!

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