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Extracting Reusable Base Classes In Ruby Discussion

The cat is still playing in the background πŸ˜‚


He's always causing a ruckus or being lazy. Nothing in-between! 🐈


Is there any benefit to using the constant for the base URL instead of just using a method and overwriting it in each inherited client? Looking forward to the generator episode! I've been playing around with Rails generators recently to build out my own Rails template so I can stop copying/pasting code every time I start a new project.


A constant is faster to lookup since it's saved, but a method that returns the string would work fine too.

Also we just published the generators episode!


The new github api requires you to set the auth token in headers instead of query params. I changed the default_headers in GithubClient to use the new convention, here is the updated code if anybody needs that:

def default_headers
"Accept" => "application/vnd.github+json",
"Authorization" => "token #{self.token}",


Thanks Ashish!

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